Rigler Creative.

Rigler Creative was founded with the romantic notion and fierce intent of creating transformative experiences across multiple platforms through the power of storytelling.

Rigler Creative Handcrafted Digital is a full-service production company that makes story worlds come alive in a multi-platform universe, organically building audiences and connecting with viewers in an ever-changing marketplace. Consisting of a tight group of Emmy- nominated television and indie film veterans and online storytelling pioneers, the collaborative team at Rigler Creative hand-crafts television, film, social media, websites, books and campaigns.

After serving in-house at LA-based Comcast / NBC Universal broadcasters E! Entertainment & Sty;le Networks, and some very productive years as a digital consultant for startups and corporate clients, Thomas launched his own outfit with Rigler Creative Handcrafted Digital, with a focus on broadcast series development and production for PBS, often in close collaboration with corporate brands and government agencies, among them: Kaiser Permanente Health Plan, the Office of the US Surgeon General, the CDC, and the State of California.

With production offices in Los Angeles and Vienna, Austria, Thomas chases storylines and topics in pursuit of the mysteries of the human experience inside our cities and protected landscapes, as well as the magic of the creative process in film, theater, music, art, design, public health and science.