2021 Emmy Award.

2021 Emmy Award in the Independent Programming Category: It’s with great excitement and gratitude that we share the news of our second Emmy Award for a special project very close to our hearts: Receiving the award in the “Independent Programming” category, “California Coast: Within Sight, Scent and Sound of the Ocean” is a one-hour program 5 years in the making, created for PBS distribution across the country.

Public access to the California Coastline has been a hot button issue. This special is the pinnacle of 5 years of exploration with the help of its most active citizens, giving a voice to the communities most affected: Native Americans, immigrants from Central America, African American neighborhoods, and children.

“We’re so grateful for this recognition and the continued amazing support through KCET. “CALIFORNIA COAST” has been a 5-year labor of love: Thank you to the esteemed California Coastal Commission Commission for 5 years of Whale Tail Grants to complete this journey. So many profound experiences with the communities, activists, politicians, locals and stakeholders along the coast that will stay with us. Government regulation and funding does work when in the hands of wise people like you!”