All the Good People

A selection of outstanding creative partners, artists, crafts people, experts and colleagues who've often become friends along the way. Some of us have been working together for decades! i recommend reaching out to every single one of them. Happy to make intros.

Theo Dumont. Talent management, PR expert, packager, co-founder Alta Global Media. _

Roman Jakobi. Director of Photography. _

Silvia Ryder. Science researcher, talent booker, music supervisor, copy writer, social media, recording artist _

Theresa Langhaar. Supervising producer, writer, showrunner, social media strategist, entertainment reporter, Shakespeare scholar_

Deborah Zeitman. Emmy-award-winning editor, photographer, writer, web-designer.  _

Karyn Wulbrun. Celebrity talent booker. _

Mark Stuplin.  Travel and talent relations executive, expert networker, trade-out producer. _

Laurie Viera Rigler. Author, book editor, writing coach. _

Axl Newrkla
. Executive producer, gourmet chef, production wizard, founder Wiener Klappe Filmproduktion. _

Astrid Heubrandtner. Director of Photography. _

Arlene Nelson, ASC. Director of Photography. _

Céline Diano. Production designer, visual artist. _

Rod Cervera, Sound Mixing, Post Production, founder Inventure Studios. _

Joel Mayne. Media planning, ad-buy strategist, founder Eclectic Communications. _

David Norton. Tradeout producer, founder Ladder Up Media. _

Mark Vega, Esq., CIPP US, public speaker, life saver, founder Incite Law Group. _