2019 Emmy Award.

PBS / KCET flagship series "Lost LA" wins Culture / History Emmy at the 2019 Emmy Awards.

Rigler Creative’s longtime partner KCET, which has rejoined the PBS family, chose us to produce and develop season 3 of the network’s flagship show Lost LA. Hosted by USC public historian Nathan Masters, Lost LA seeks to reclaim and grow public awareness of powerful moments in the life of California and the nation itself. By marrying archival materials to innovative forms of documentary storytelling, Lost LA brings history to life.

Californians have long fought over what Yosemite means and how to manage it. Since its birth as a park and preserve in 1864, Yosemite has become a postcard for the natural beauty of California. Each year, millions visit from around the globe to see the cliffs, waterfalls and meadows that inspire wonder and reverence of the American West. This episode explores how Yosemite has changed over time: from a land maintained by indigenous peoples to its emergence as a tourist attraction and national park to the site of conflict over humanity’s relationship with nature.

We talk with long-time Yosemite National Park Ranger and scholar Shelton Johnson about finding the authentic Yosemite experience. We also spend time with actor and John Muir interpreter Lee Stetson. We speak with descendants of the native Ahwahneechee People, who went into hiding in an attempt to avoid the violence of the Buffalo Soldiers. Park Ranger Scott Gediman explains the Firefall at Glacier Point, and we meet with filmmaker David Vassar, who shares his experience of capturing the Stoneman Meadow Riot of 1970.

In its third season, "Lost LA" uncovers the dreams that built modern-day Los Angeles through documents, photos and other rare artifacts from the region’s libraries and archives. Hosted by public historian Nathan Masters of USC Libraries, the series brings the primary sources of Los Angeles history to the screen in surprising new ways. This new season, premiering October 9, unlocks the untold history behind the fantasy of California, from the sunny youthfulness of its beaches to the iconic scenery of Yosemite.